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Power beads from EURO 4.36 up

Cheap way of sending from Upper Austria to your home!


History and background of this trend

New pricing list of September 2000

Cheaper prices as of the great demand!!


Listing of power beads that are stored: 


Last time of actualization: 8th January 2001                                        




Name of power bead Meaning Price in EURO (without transport)
"Amethyst" against Stress, good for concentration, helps in case of stress-illness (Migraine, red skin, skin blemish, ...)


"Aventurine green" success, skin, hairs 4.58
"Aventurine red" healing and protecting stomach and intestine, gives us more coolness 4.58
"Rock crystal" Energy, relieves your brain, body and soul 6.54
"Amber" 9.81
"Carnelian" for vitality, increases creativity and constructive thinking, eases Rheum und activates metabolism 4.58
"Cat eye" bones and joints of the movements, for good negotiating and for watchfulness 4.58
"Chalcedony" Helps you when you have illness of throat, neck or larynx

Bracelet for better speaking and negotiating

"China Jade" cleverness, intelligence  4.58
"Dalmation" Regeneration 4.58
"Dumortierite" antipyretic, aware especially children of feverish infections, against varicose vain 4.58
"Fluorite" in harmony with our self, tooth, bones (illness, building up and growth) 4.58
"Goldfluss"* against craving for food, you get a better self-esteem  4.58
"Hematite" good mood, happiness, against depressions, blood 4.36
"Heliotrop" 6.54

Ok. Let's go on with the next power beads!

"Labradorite" against sensitivity of the weather, against emotional interruptions 5.89
"Picturestone Jasper" warms up, against jealousness  4.58
"Lapis Lazuli" 2.Q. Love, Partnership und friendship, superficial wound 5.89
"Lapis Lazuli" 1.Q. Love, Partnership and friendship, superficial wound 9.81
"Leopardskin" abdomen, womb area and pregnancy 4.58
"Magnesite" cleans, detoxify, antispasmodic 4.58
"Obsidian, Mahagoni" get a powerful speaker, against allergies, virus, Bacterium 5.89
"Malachite" cycle and lungs, new targets become reachable 9.81
"Onyx" self-confidence 4.58
"Rauchquarz" protects you, also against drugs like alcohol, Nicotine, hard drugs, ...) 7.27
"Rhodonit" helps when you have stress in school, when you are afraid of having examinations 5.89
"Rosenquarz" love, heart 4.58
"Roter Jaspis" for emotional harmony, holding your ideal weight, against bad dreams 4.58
"Rutilquarz" strengthens respiratory center, for vitality and well-being 6.54
"Sodalith" equanimity, regulates blood pressure, self-confidence and steadiness 5.89
"Tigerauge" head and brain 4.58
"Unakit" harmony, decreases faults because of wrong education 4.58

Additional costs: You have to pay the transport costs and bank fees. 

In Austria: Additional costs are exactly 3.27 Euro.

The bank fees depend from country to country. We have a bank account in Austrian Schillings. 

Email: kunstwerke@hotmail.com 

Tremendous quality of these power beads!


Your order or questions to  kunstwerke@hotmail.com 



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